How to Create the Beautiful Styles with The Leather Pearl Necklaces?

There are many types of necklaces: gold and silver necklaces, stone necklaces and leather pearl necklaces and so on.

Elegant Pink Crystal Wrap Bracelet
Elegant Pink Crystal Wrap Bracelet

Gold and Silver Necklace
It has a long history and is the main variety of necklaces. Gold necklace has 24K (full gold), 18K, 14K three kinds. Silver necklace has 925 silver and silver plated gold. People like to use gold and silver necklaces, especially the elderly prefer 24K gold necklaces, which have value-preserving (high value) significance and strong decorative effect.
Charm Stone Necklace
Compared with gold and silver necklaces, their decorative effect is better and more colorful, especially among young and middle-aged people. Stone Jewellery used as necklace includes crystal, diamond, natural pearl, ivory, diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, emerald, and other materials, but some are made of cultured pearls, agate, coral jade, turquoise, etc.

Stone Beaded Necklace Drop Earrings Jewelry Set
Stone Beaded Necklace Drop Earrings Jewelry Set

Leather pearl necklaces
Not only are there many styles and new shapes, but also the price is low, which has become the love of young men and women.

How to Create the Beautiful Styles with The Leather Pearl Necklaces?

1. Attention should be paid to the correct style and size.
The size of the necklace depends on the person. The neck is thicker, the size is larger, and vice versa. High collar, Necklace size should not be too long; wearing a three-lapel collar and high-collar woolen sweater, knitwear, a necklace should be worn outside the clothes, pendants should not have rhombus burrs, so as to avoid mutual friction.PY106
2. Consider the decorative effect and dress coordination.
If you want to wear the pendant on the necklace, the necklace should not be too long or too thick. If we only consider the beauty of the necklace, we should also pay attention to the coordination in necklace design and the clothes style. Some use a single-string style, some use the multiple-string style.

Leather Knotted Choker Necklace
Leather Knotted Choker Necklace

3. Pay attention to the matching effect of different materials.
Different jewelry materials will have different effects when matching different dress styles.  If you wear a sky-blue polyester dress with a silver necklace, it will show you gentle and bright, charming and graceful. Sometimes in tight sports dress, it will be matched with a stone necklace. It will also make you lighter and more lively; if you wear a light green and white floret polyester dress with a leather pearl necklace, it will make you full of bright and cool breath; if you wear a clean white with red pearl chain, it will be more beautiful and charming.
4. Coordination with Clothing Color
The color of the necklace should be in contrast with the color of the garment, so as to form a striking contrast. Such as monochrome or plain clothing, wearing a bright color necklace can make jewelry more eye-catching, in the ornament of jewelry, clothing color is also rich. Colorful clothes, wearing simple necklaces, will not be overwhelmed by gorgeous clothing color and can balance clothing color.

 Pearls Leather Necklace and Bracelet Jewelry Set
Pearls Leather Necklace and Bracelet Jewelry Set

5. Several kinds of jewelry should be coordinated with each other
Necklaces should be worn with earrings or bracelets of the same color and texture, so as to achieve the best results. If the collar of the jacket is usually tied in a bow, it is better not to wear a necklace, otherwise, there will be a sense of redundancy. When wearing a necklace, we should also pay attention to a switch called a confluence ring on the necklace. The switch is equipped with a steel wire uranium spring. It should not be pulled too hard to prevent the spring from breaking.

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