What is The Important Difference Among Bracelet,Bangle And Cuff ?

Bangle, bracelet, and cuff are fashionable accessories and used for the decoration of the wrist. Like other pieces of jewelry items, they are also part of ornaments. Do not mix up the three words for the same thing. They are entirely different from each other. Before understanding the difference between them, it is advisable to understand their meaning one by one.
1. What is the bracelet? 
Bracelet is the newest fashioned wrist jewelry, which is made of ores, crystals gold, and silver. They are largely used by both men and women. Usually, teenagers love it. Different style of the bracelet is supplied in the market. You can carve your name on bracelet. They are worn in one or two. Some bracelets have extender chain, so you can adjust your size. Nowadays it is also available in different materials and styles. Bead is widely used on it. There are also different types of a bracelet like a leather pearl bracelet, chakra bracelet, wrap bracelet, vintage bracelet, gemstone bracelet, gold & platinum bracelet, men’s bracelet, etc.

Coin Freshwater Pearl Adjustable Bracelet
Coin Freshwater Pearl Adjustable Bracelet

2. What is bangle?
The bangle is a traditional Asian accessory widely used by Asian people. It is widely used in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. In these countries, it is the part of their wrists. If we go back to the history of the bangle, we will come to know that they were also used in old ancient times. They were made that time of stones, woods, gold, and seashells. Now there design and shape have been changed a little. However, stainless steel, gold and silver bangle are also available, which are specially used for arrangements.

Flower White Shell CZ Pave 925 Silver Bangle
Flower White Shell CZ Pave 925 Silver Bangle

3. What is the cuff?
Cuffs are similar to bangles with a slight difference. It is usually an oval C-shaped bangle that comes with an opening on the underside through which the wrist is squeezed in to form a fitting cuff. Cuffs can usually be adjustable and should fit one well. They are largely made of metals to make them stronger. Nowadays fashionable leather cuffs are also available widely.

Polished 925 Sterling Silver Simple Bangle
Polished 925 Sterling Silver Simple Bangle

Key Difference
1. A bangle is a complete circle and has to slide over your hand. A cuff has an opening where you slide your wrist in. A bracelet should use clasp and let you hand in.
2. Young couples on dates wear bracelets, which are more fashionable, while older aunts choose bangle in order to appear formal. Cuffs they all will choose.
3. Bracelets are lighter, while bangle and cuff are thicker.
4. The bracelet and cuff is a favorite accessory for young people because it can adjust its size. The bangle is not allowed, but older people prefer to wear them every time without so many troubles.

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