What Length of Clavicle Chain Necklace is the Most Suitable?

Who is the right person to wear a clavicle chain Necklaces?

Clavicle chain, a kind of jewelry necklace, that hangs down to the clavicle. Whether in hot summer or cold autumn and winter, the clavicle chain is a very popular decoration. Now, the market already has various styles. Who is the right person to wear the clavicle chain? Women choose the clavicle chain according to their figure because different girls have different neck thickness and temperament. Now let’s take a look at the knowledge of the clavicle chain.

Hand-knotted on Leather Cord Necklace
Hand-knotted on Leather Cord Necklace

Who is the right person to wear the clavicle chain?
From the point of improving temperament, clavicle chain is more suitable for wearing a small face. Small face girls will show youth when wearing the clavicle chain. As for round-faced and fat-faced girls, they may look bloated when they wear clavicle chains.
Round face, fat face girl is best to choose a long necklace of more than 16 inches, and the necklace length is best in the middle of the clavicle to the chest, so using the V-shaped effect of long necklace can lengthen the facial lines, so that your face looks thinner!
Short Necklace (Choker necklace), length < 13inch
The necklace, which is quite popular recently, seems to be more difficult to control because it is so short that it is almost tied around the neck. In fact, the necklace is very effective in modifying the long face to be more rounded. Generally speaking, matching retro clothes is quite appropriate. Try wearing several choker necklaces at the same time with low breasts or shoulders clothes to make it more prominent! But girls with thicker necks should try to avoid it.
Collar necklace, 13 – 17inch in length
Elegantly placed in the center of the clavicle, it looks delicate and feminine, and almost everyone looks good on it. Most suitable for dinner or formal occasions to wear. Ordinarily wearing a simple white shirt can also be embellished in the middle of the collar, quite attractive.

Pearl and Leather Circles of Love Necklace
Pearl and Leather Circles of Love Necklace

What length of the clavicle chain Necklace is the most suitable?

Generally, the length of the collarbone chain is between 16 inches and 19inch, which is a good length of the clavicular chain. Too long or too short cannot be regarded as a real clavicular chain. Nowadays, many people will call women’s clavicles “beautiful human bones”, especially the slender, concave and convex sexy clavicles. It would be even better if they were matched with a unique, simple and fashionable clavicle chain. The popularity of the clavicle chain began with the beautiful stars from the entertainment circle, but now it has a trend of clavicle chain and is deeply loved by the majority of women.

Stone Beaded Necklace
Stone Beaded Necklace

What is the difference between a clavicle chain and a necklace?

First, the necklace is chain-shaped jewelry made of gold, silver, jewelry, etc. hanging on the neck. It is one of the decorations of the human body, and also the earliest jewelry. And necklaces are not only decorative, that is, to set off your clothes, to show your taste and beauty, but also have special display functions, such as some religious necklaces such as Christian cross necklaces, Buddhist beads necklaces and so on. The clavicle chain is a kind of jewelry necklace, which is hanging down to the clavicle. The purpose is to set off the beautiful and sexy clavicle.
Secondly, the difference between a clavicle chain and a necklace lies in their different lengths. The length of the clavicle chain is usually 16inch, which is exactly on the wearer’s sexy clavicle when worn. But the length of an ordinary necklace is not so rigid. There are many kinds of necklaces. They are under 16 inch and over 16inch. So from this point.

Finally, their distinction lies in wearing them. Usually, the necklace is hanging on the chest, the length is about 17-18 inch. We should pay attention to the proper style, accurate size, and match with the clothes you wear. What’s more, we should consider the material of the clothes and the material of the necklace. And the clavicle chain, more attention is to highlight the clavicle curve, so more suitable for summer wear, clothing and clavicle chain complement each other, can highlight the beauty of the clavicle.

Apatite Beaded Necklace
Apatite Beaded Necklace

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