Who Is Not Suitable To Wear a Leather Pearl Necklace?

What are the factors that affect the price of Pearl necklaces?

If it is saltwater pearls, then the price will naturally be higher, saltwater pearls are produced in mollusks, forming for a long time, and there is only one pearl in each mollusc.
Freshwater pearls are formed in freshwater. They are usually cultivated by artificial cultivation. The harvest time is shorter and the yield is larger. Therefore, the price of freshwater pearl necklace is lower than that of the saltwater pearl necklace.
The quality of pearls is the key factor affecting the price of pearl necklaces. The quality of pearls mainly includes glossiness, hue, shape, flaw degree, volume and so on.

Purple Freshwater Pearl Single Strand Necklace
Purple Freshwater Pearl Single Strand Necklace

The luster of excellent pearls should be bright and mild. Glossiness is the decisive factor of pearl quality. The higher the glossiness, the better the quality and the higher the price. In tone, pink, silver, and light gold pearls are rare, so their market value is relatively high.
The shape of the pearls is also very important. There are regular circles, ellipses and so on. The more round the shape of pearls, the higher their quality and price. The round pearls are very good.
The smaller the surface defect and the larger the volume of pearl, the better it’s quality, that is, the higher its price. However, all pearls are flawed, even the pearls of high value will have some flaws.

Freshwater Pearl Leather Knotted Choker Necklace
Freshwater Pearl Leather Knotted Choker Necklace

Who is not suitable for wearing leather pearl necklaces?

1. Young girls.
Generally, women who wear pearls are girls with mature temperament. This type of girls can set off pearls’ elegant and noble temperament. And if the young girl wears pearls, it gives a very earthy feeling, not only will it lower her temperament, but also can not wear pearls value. Just like children have to wear adult shoes.
2. Obese girls.
Many older women like to wear pearls. Although they have the mature temperament, if they are obese, it is recommended not to wear pearls. This is because their necks are usually not obvious, in such cases, if you wear a beautiful pearl necklace, it will only embody their neck very short. Show the shortcoming of your body. PD1007

Pearls Hand-knotted on Leather Cord Necklace
Pearls Hand-knotted on Leather Cord Necklace

3. Dark-skinned girls.
As we all know, most pearls are milky yellow or white. If a person with very dark skin wears pearls on his hands and neck which are quite different from his own skin color, it will only set off his own skin color darker. It is conceivable that such an appearance is not good-looking.

When choosing jewelry, we should choose the one that suits us and can set off our own beauty and temperament, instead of showing our shortcomings. Therefore, when wearing pearls, you need to consider whether you are suitable.

Freshwater Pearl Leather Knotted Choker Necklace
Freshwater Pearl Leather Knotted Choker Necklace

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